Old Mac Dog Learns New Mac Tricks

In the field of software development, I guess I would be in the category of old fart. At least that’s how is seems sometimes when I look around at my collegues or attend a developer conference like WWDC. I have been developing software since 1984. I started developing for Mac OS in 1987 and did so until 1997 when the market place just didn’t seem to need many Mac developers anymore.

So, I wondered on in my development journey and found places like Java, .NET, HTML/XHTML/CSS etc... to play with. These have all be well and good and to be honest, have served me well in providing for myself and my family. But still, something was lacking. I just wasn’t having as much fun developing code as I use to. It probably doesn’t help that most of the development was on the server side and non-interface type work. That kind of work pays well, but for me anyway, it is boring and you don’t really get to do anything cool from an end users perspective.

Now, on my journey, I still carried my trusty Mac laptop with me for protection. There were of course many upgrades along the way because those cleaver people over at Apple keep pumping out new and more lustful laptops, iPhones, iPods, AppleTV and more by the minute. They (Apple) really need to stop doing that because any chance at retirement keeps slipping away with each new purchase.

My development on the Mac had ended with OS 9. Of course, I have lots of objected oriented development experience since then too (I was doing C++ development on the Mac). I have attended WWCD for the last two years (2007 and 2008) as well due to the graciousness of BT who were nice enough to send me. I had to ask myself though, was I ready to dive into Objective-C and Cocoa? I would have to do it all in my spare time since this isn't the type of development I currently get paid to do.

A note here about spare time. It's a myth. We all get the same 24 hours per day. How you choose to use it is your business and challenge but don't be fooled that any of it is spare. It was always yours to use as you see fit. The challenge is getting your priorities right and using your time wisely. I'll leave that for another blog some time.

Well, I decided to give it a go. I am really excited about developing iPhone applications. So, I will be keeping a journal here of my experiences here and we'll see if an old dog can learn some new tricks. I have already cleared the first hurdle with is to make it into the iPhone Developers program. Wish me luck.